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What is the Zappi Smart EV Car Charger?

The Zappi EV Charger were developed in UK by the MyEnergi Team.

Its a Smart EV Car Charger as it allows you as a home owner to charge your EV in Three Different Modes.

Fast, ECO and ECO ++

  1. The Fast Mode, Acting as a normal EV Charger, It draw the full possible current from the Grid to make your EV Charging Fast as Possible (7kW in Single Phase Environment and 22kW in Three Phase Environment).
  2. The Eco Mode, Allows you to use the mix of the Grid Energy and the Renewable Energy for your EV Charge (E.g: 50% coming from the Grid and the other 50% provided by your Solar PV System, Wind Turbine Generator and or your Local Storage Battery kit).
  3. The Eco ++ Mode, allows you to Charge your EV from a 100% Renewable Energy. It allows you to charge your EV from your Own Solar PV Generation and or from your On Site Wind Turbine.

If You don’t Have Solar PV or Wind turbine? No Problem. You can still operate your Smart Zappi as an ordinary Car Charger Station and adding Renewable source on a later stage if you wish.

The Smart Zappi EV Charger is OLEV and SEAI Approved, so you can gain the Available Government Grants, if You Choose a Registered Electrical Contractor for your Installation.

  • SEAI EV Charger Scheme Compliant


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Product Description

Zappi EV Charger

#The Options are Endless…

You Can Choose a Colour You Like,

  • White or Black Version

You Can Choose the Type

  • Whether you require a Type 1 Car Charger (E.g: for Nissan Leaf <2018) or Type 2 Car Charger (E.g: for Nissan Leaf >2018, Hyundai Kona, etc..)

You Can Choose from Different Phase Versions

1Phase which can Charge at a 7kWH Peak Rate, or you can Choose the 3Phase version (If you have a 3Phase Electrical Environment) for Charging EV`s on an incredible 22kWH Peak Charge.

Tether or Untethered?

  • Yes,  you can Also Choose, that do you want your Zappi Equipped with a Lead or Not.

Pros and Cons for Tethered

  • The Benefit with a Lead, that you don’t need to take out your Portable Cable (Received with the Car) every time, as its built in your Zappi Unit.
  • The Disadvantages, is that if you Go with a Type 1 and later you upgrade for a Never EV, you will not able to use the same Charger for the Type 2 Cars.

Pros and Cons for Untethered:

  • The Benefit without a Lead, that you can use your New Zappi Car Charger for a Type 1 and for a Type 2 cars, just like at the ESB Stations, where each car use they own factory provided leads.
  • The Disadvantages, that every time you want to charge your EV at home, you need to take out your Own Charging Cable from the Car Boot.


Product Informations

Weight N/A

White, Black

Output Versions

1Phase – 7kW, 3Phase – 22kW


Type 1, Type 2, Both (Type 1 & Type 2)

Cable Version

Tethered, Untethered

Cable Length

No Cable attached, 6.5M

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