Solis Data Logging Stick – GPRS (GSM)

Solis Data Logging Stick – GPRS (GSM)

Enhance your Solis installation by connecting it to the Solis Cloud.

This Solis GSM dongle allows a wirrelless connection to be made to the Internet ISP Provider such as Three, Vodafone, Eir, etc….
Simple and robust communication.

One dongle is needed per Solis inverter.

The installation is very straight forward and only requires the installer to have a smartphone/laptop to hand; the only customer requirement is a WIFI network within range of the inverter. The unit provides a simple to install monitoring solution for end customers with access to web, iPhone and Android app monitoring.

The unit provides a user friendly, easily accessible solution to inverter monitoring. Keywords: SOLDLSW, Display, Web Interface

Please Note, this Solis Data Logging Stick – GPRS is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SOLIS HYBRID INVERTER.

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