MyEnergi Zappi Essential Package – White

MyEnergi Special Bundle Includes:

1 x Tethered Zappi with White cover

1 x My Energi 100A CT Clamp in addition to the one included in the Zappi

1 x Harvi Wirelless Sensor for convent installation and

1 x MyEnergi Hub, so you can View, Manage and Control your myenergi toys from anywhere in the world.



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1 Phase Zappi 7kW Type-2 Tethered EV Charger - White

1 Phase Zappi 7kW Type-2 Tethered EV Charger - White

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MyEnergi 100A CT Clamp with 5M Lead Zappi 0.186 kg - (in Black)

The MyEnergi 100A CT Clamp are compatible with the MyEnergi Eddi, with the MyEnergi Harvi and with the MyEnergi Zappi Devices.

The MyEnergy CT clamps measure the inflow (import) and the outflow (Export) power in your consumer board, which helps your Zappi / Eddi devices to maximise your self consumption.

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Harvi Wireless Sensor

Harvi Wireless Sensor

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MyEnergi HUB

MyEnergi HUB is a very cleaver device.

The Hub is the latest product of myenergi, which allows you to connect your MyEnergi Eddi and Myenergi Zappi into one cloud based pool / platform where you can manage your Eddi and Zappi remotely and Smartly.

The Hub Allows like set boost for your water through the Eddi and or set Nigh rate (smart) charge for your ev car.


The Myenergi software available on both IOS and Android.


Setting up MyEnergi Hub is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.



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